Dr. Chaminda Ranaweera

Chaminda Ranaweera

I enrolled to the SEEW master program as a remote based student in 2010 through the OUSL. I
think that was the turning point of my graduate studies. I completed my studies exactly in two
years. I received a full scholarship to visit KTH and complete my final thesis studies as an on-
campus student at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. Visiting KTH, studying at such a wonderful world
class university was a great opportunity to me.
I was searching for opportunities for doctoral studies after the completion of my MSc studies.
Truly saying, I received positive responses from each and every university I applied. Anyway, I
selected the EFZN – Energy Research Center of Lower Saxony – Germany as my research center
for doctoral studies. It was one of the leading institutes for energy studies in Germany which
formed with five technical universities at North Germany.
I was the one and the only student who got opportunity to follow doctoral studies in that institute
so far from Sri Lanka. I firmly believe that it is due to my MSc qualification in SEE. I could obtain
the qualification of Doctor of Engineering and the title of (Dr.-Ing.) within three years of my
doctoral studies. Generally, doctoral students had to take subjects in MSc courses, but at the
enrolment, after evaluating my master qualification, I didn’t have to take any coursework subject
for my doctoral studies. That is the significance of this master program in SEE.
I did my doctorate on the field of the integration of solar and wind based distributed generations
to the power system. Now, I am working as an Electrical Engineer, at National System Control
Center, Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka. I am working on special project of integrating
embedded generation (solar and wind) to national grid which is highly related to my MSc and
doctoral studies.

Dr. Chaminda Ranaweera
(DSEE – 2010 Batch)
Electrical Engineer – Ceylon Electricity Board