A Message From the SEEW/ SELECT Sri Lanka Program Facilitator – Dr. N. S. Senanayake

Dr. NS Senanayake

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is privileged to be the facilitating University of Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide M. Sc. (SEE World M Sc) Program conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden which is offered to Sri Lankan students on distance mode. It has been a challenge for the University, especially for the Staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to facilitate offering this fully online Study Program to the Sri Lankan students ensuring the highest standard.

The benefits we gain through this Study Program in developing   human resources in the field of sustainable energy engineering are invaluable. During the past eight years, the OUSL was able to enroll a total of 112 students, and 68 have successfully completed the degree and others are close to completion. These graduates certainly will contribute to the development of the sustainable energy sector in Sri Lanka with the latest knowledge in sustainable power generation and utilization.  Further, the formation of Alumni of the SEE World M Sc graduates is a very significant event and it would give the opportunity to strengthen the relationships among SEE World M Sc graduates and share experiences for mutual benefits and for the country at large.   I hope that they will develop a forum   that will continue to propagate the concepts of sustainable energy ensuring sustainable living at large for the future generations.

I would like to record with great respect the commendable and dedicated leadership of Prof N. R. Arthenayake who has done pioneering work to establish the link between the OUSL and the KTH which allowed extremely successful facilitation of this reputed Master Program in Sustainable Energy Engineering for Sri Lankan students. Also under the guidance of Prof Arthenayake who was the first Program Facilitator, we were able to introduce an internal mechanism and implement facilitation task ensuring the best service to the students. I also appreciate the dedicated work being carried out by Mr.  Ruchira Abeyweera, the Program Coordinator. His continuous support immensely contributed to the success of the SEE World M Sc Program in Sri Lanka.

I take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Professor Torsten Fransson, Profesor Andrew Martin, Prof Jeevan Jayasuriya, Ms Chamindie Senaratne and all the KTH staff involved in the SEE world M Sc Program for providing this invaluable opportunity to Sri Lankan students to read for a M Sc in Sustainable Energy Engineering free of course fee.

Dr N S Senanayake
Program Facilitator – SEE World M Sc Program at OUSL
The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), Nawala, Nugegoda,
Sri Lanka.

20th of August 2016