A Message From the Founder of SEEW Program – Prof. Torsten Fransson

Professor Torsten Henry Fransson

It is with great pleasure that I as initiator of the SEE Worldwide Master program see that the Sri Lanka alumni has profited from the education received and that the graduates have prospered over the years in their career. This program was, and is still to a large extent, a forerunner for a completely new type of higher education. It allowed an intercultural connection between different cultures, and teachers at KTH profited a lot from this in a similar way as the students. The preparations done at that time related to on-line education through the SEEW have continued over the years and a new batch of students will start (in a sister-program to the SEEW, the SELECT program [=SELECT the environomical pathway for a sustainable energy future]) in Sri Lanka in the autumn 2016.My personal drive has been, and is still, to create a world-wide, world-class, unique education in energy technology, with a substantial approach towards innovation, entrepreneurship and business with the goal to educate the energy leaders of the future, to create a better and sustainable energy-environment, and secure jobs and prosperity for the benefit of humanity. Presently there are attempts to build up a unique repository of energy learning material which will allow teachers worldwide to exchange and share various kind of learning material. This is done incorporating the newly developed European quality label (EIT Label)

Besides congratulating all of the SEEW alumni to  the graduations, I would like to specially recognize the teachers involved in the program at KTH who made large efforts to develop the individual courses so that these could be followed on-line. But I would just as highly recognize all the teachers and university leaders outside KTH who participated in the SEEW program. They shared my large overall vision of creating a better world through high-level education.  It is obvious that without the large efforts from all these persons the program would never have taken off and there would not have been any SEE World program. A GREAT THANKS from my side to everyone involved in the SEEW!

I wish you all an enormous success in your future life-long learning process and life, and hope that the energy-education you have received at KTH can contribute towards your future career and a better life for mankind globally. As I now will come to Sri Lanka in a few weeks I look forward to meeting you and discussing past, present and future achievements with you.

Torsten Fransson
Initiator of the Sustainable Energy Engineering World-Wide Master program

20th of August 2016