Publications (Members A-F)

Mrs. K. N. Amarawardhana
[1] K. N. Amarawardhana, N. S. Senanayake, Ruchira Abeyweera, Modeling of Energy Utilization of Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka and Prediction of Future Energy Demand, International Journal of Energy Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 5, 2015, pp. 87-94. doi: 10.5923/j.ijee.20150505.01.
Mrs. N. Athukorala
[1] N. Athukorala, Justin Chiu, and P.D. Sarathchandra ” Feasibility study on Absorption Cooling Based Thermal Energy Storage” International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment, December 2012, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Mrs. L. U. Bakmeedeniya
[1] L. U. Bakmeedeniya, L.Rajapaksha, Low Carbon Cooling Solutions for the Apparel Industry – Open Cycle Desiccant Cooling Systems Extended abstract published in PURSE 2011 (Peradeniya University Research Sessions)

[2] L. U. Bakmeedeniya, L Rajapaksha, Air Conditioning for Tropical Climates through utilization of waste heat – Open cycle desiccant cooling systems, Full Paper for IESL (Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, annual sessions 2011
Mr. J. A. C. K. J. Bandara
[1] J. A. C. K. J. Bandara, N. S. Senanayake and Ruchira Abeyweera, “An Integrated System for the Supply of Power for Water Pumping and Lighting in Ru-ral Village, Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources”, SLEMA,2016

[2] J. A. C. K. J. Bandara, N. S. Senanayake and Ruchira Abeyweera, “Minimizing Energy Loss by Selecting Optimum Pipe Diameter and Insulation Thickness for Steam Distribution Pipelines” SLEMA 2016

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