Dr. (Mrs.) Duleeka Gunarathne


Graduated as a Chemical & Process Engineer from University of Moratuwa with specialization in Energy Engineering, and being a Research Engineer in the Department of Renewable Energy in National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERDC), I became very much interested in the Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide (SEEW) Maters program offered by KTH in distance mode with the coordination of OUSL. I selected my specialization area as Sustainable Power Generation, which is mostly focused on power generation from renewable sources like biomass, hydro, wind etc. The world class knowledge and insight gained through the program helped my work as the Project Engineer for several projects related to biological, chemical and thermal conversion technologies; biogas, biodiesel, biomass gasification and waste management at NERDC.

The SEEW program helped me to realize even higher goals than I could ever have imagined for myself. At the very beginning of my enrollment in the SEEW program, I set my mind to extend my studies even further towards a PhD. As such, SEEW program was a huge turning point in my life. The fascinating study methods and techniques offered by KTH forced myself to apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a PhD at KTH. I believe that my past track record as a SEEW student has positively influenced on the success of my application. Further, with the experience gained through working on the thesis project on biomass gasification, I laid the foundation for the PhD on the same spectra. The fundamental know how I got through my masters was a key player throughout the process of my PhD research.

I’m happy about where I am thanks to SEEW program and I wish all the success for the forthcoming remote MSc program ‘SELECT’.

Duleeka Gunarathne
Senior Lecturer Grade II (Contract)
Department of Chemical & Process Engineering
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.