A Message From the Founder of SEEW Program – Prof. Torsten Fransson

It is with great pleasure that I as initiator of the SEE Worldwide Master program see that the Sri Lanka alumni has profited from the education received and that the graduates have prospered over the years in their career. This program was, and is still to a large extent, a forerunner for a completely new type of higher education. It allowed an intercultural connection between different cultures, and teachers at KTH profited a lot from this in a similar way as the students. The preparations done at that time related to on-line education through the SEEW have continued over the years and a new batch of students will start (in a sister-program to the SEEW, the SELECT program [=SELECT the environomical pathway for a sustainable energy future]) in Sri Lanka in the autumn 2016.My personal drive has been, and is still, to create a world-wide, world-class, unique education in energy technology, with a substantial approach towards innovation, entrepreneurship and business with the goal to educate the energy leaders of the future, to create a better and sustainable energy-environment, and secure jobs and prosperity for the benefit of humanity. Presently there are attempts to build up a unique repository of energy learning material which will allow teachers worldwide to exchange and share various kind of learning material. This is done incorporating the newly developed European quality label (EIT Label)

Besides congratulating all of the SEEW alumni to  the graduations, I would like to specially recognize the teachers involved in the program at KTH who made large efforts to develop the individual courses so that these could be followed on-line. But I would just as highly recognize all the teachers and university leaders outside KTH who participated in the SEEW program. They shared my large overall vision of creating a better world through high-level education.  It is obvious that without the large efforts from all these persons the program would never have taken off and there would not have been any SEE World program. A GREAT THANKS from my side to everyone involved in the SEEW!

I wish you all an enormous success in your future life-long learning process and life, and hope that the energy-education you have received at KTH can contribute towards your future career and a better life for mankind globally. As I now will come to Sri Lanka in a few weeks I look forward to meeting you and discussing past, present and future achievements with you.

Torsten Fransson
Initiator of the Sustainable Energy Engineering World-Wide Master program

20th of August 2016

A Message From the Vice Chancellor, The Open University of Sri Lanka – Prof. S. A. Ariadurai

It is with much delight that I write this message to alumini web page of the SEE World MSc programme. The MSc programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering, populary known as SEE World MSc programme, is one of its kind as far as the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is concerend. This is the only programme that is currently available in the University, where the OUSL is partnering with a foreign University, in this case – The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden – in offering the host institute’s progarmme for the local students. As the Vice Chancellor of the Open University of Sri Lanka, I take pride in being part of this endeavour and congratulate the Department of Mechnical Engineering of the OUSL for launching this programme and successfully running it for the last several years.

According to the KTH, the purpose of the SEE World Programme is to provide state-of-the-art education in the fields of solar energy, power generation, and energy utilization in the built environment by means of economically and environmentally sustainable systems and technologies.

According to Renewables Global Status Report for 2016, last year saw the largest global capacity additions in renewable energy seen to date. Renewables are now established around the world as main-stream sources of energy with improvement in cost-competiveness of renewable technologies. According to the report, an estimated 147 gigawatts (GW) of renewable power capacity was added in 2015, the largest annual increase ever. The report further states that global investment also climbed to a new record level, in spite of the plunge in fossil fuel prices with the private investors stepping up their commitments to renewable energy significantly. Employment in the renewable energy sector (not including large-scale hydropower) increased in 2015 to an estimated 8.1 million direct and indirect jobs.

In Sri Lanka, according to the Ceylon Electricity Board statistics renewable energy has a share of over 11% in installed capacity as well as generation. Moving forward, the CEB plans to increase the renewable energy capacity to 972 MW by 2020, which would contribute to 20% to the total power generation in the country.

It is my belief that with the students already graduated and those currently in the pipeline, of the SEE World MSC programme of KTH, facilitated by the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the OUSL, will go a long way in fulfilling the objective of our country’s need to have qualified professionals in this important sector.

At this point of time, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Royal Institute of Technology for offering this programme to the professionals of our country free of cost and thus contributing to the development of human resources required for the sustainability of the energy sector in Sri Lanka.

I also wish all the very best to every individual student of the SEE World MSc programme and encourage them to earnestly contribute their knowledge to convert Sri Lanka as a green energy hub.

Prof. S. A. Ariadurai
Vice Chancellor
The Open University of Sri Lanka

A Message From the SEEW/ SELECT Sri Lanka Program Facilitator – Dr. N. S. Senanayake

The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is privileged to be the facilitating University of Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide M. Sc. (SEE World M Sc) Program conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden which is offered to Sri Lankan students on distance mode. It has been a challenge for the University, especially for the Staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to facilitate offering this fully online Study Program to the Sri Lankan students ensuring the highest standard.

The benefits we gain through this Study Program in developing   human resources in the field of sustainable energy engineering are invaluable. During the past eight years, the OUSL was able to enroll a total of 112 students, and 68 have successfully completed the degree and others are close to completion. These graduates certainly will contribute to the development of the sustainable energy sector in Sri Lanka with the latest knowledge in sustainable power generation and utilization.  Further, the formation of Alumni of the SEE World M Sc graduates is a very significant event and it would give the opportunity to strengthen the relationships among SEE World M Sc graduates and share experiences for mutual benefits and for the country at large.   I hope that they will develop a forum   that will continue to propagate the concepts of sustainable energy ensuring sustainable living at large for the future generations.

I would like to record with great respect the commendable and dedicated leadership of Prof N. R. Arthenayake who has done pioneering work to establish the link between the OUSL and the KTH which allowed extremely successful facilitation of this reputed Master Program in Sustainable Energy Engineering for Sri Lankan students. Also under the guidance of Prof Arthenayake who was the first Program Facilitator, we were able to introduce an internal mechanism and implement facilitation task ensuring the best service to the students. I also appreciate the dedicated work being carried out by Mr.  Ruchira Abeyweera, the Program Coordinator. His continuous support immensely contributed to the success of the SEE World M Sc Program in Sri Lanka.

I take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Professor Torsten Fransson, Profesor Andrew Martin, Prof Jeevan Jayasuriya, Ms Chamindie Senaratne and all the KTH staff involved in the SEE world M Sc Program for providing this invaluable opportunity to Sri Lankan students to read for a M Sc in Sustainable Energy Engineering free of course fee.

Dr N S Senanayake
Program Facilitator – SEE World M Sc Program at OUSL
The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), Nawala, Nugegoda,
Sri Lanka.

20th of August 2016

A Message From the SEEW / SELECT Sri Lanka Program Coordinator – Eng. Ruchira Abeyweera

Today, while whole world is talking about use of sustainable energy we can be proud of being the first to introduce a sustainable energy engineering master program to the higher education sector in Sri Lanka with the generous support of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. Ours is a deliberate effort to contribute to impart sustainable energy engineering know-how to the Sri Lanka’s energy sector, thereby to contribute to the national development and to improve the wellbeing of the people at large.  I am very happy to mention here that the most of the graduates and the students are working in the energy sector in Sri Lanka that allows deriving the maximum benefit from this Program.

I remember with gratitude, Dr. Jeevan Jayasuriya attached to Energy Technology Department of the KTH for his continuous support, encouragement and participation as a Lecturer that contribute immensely for the success of this Program.    Also I must mention the enormous contribution made by Professor N.R. Arthenayake, as the First Program Facilitator at the OUSL that laid a strong foundation to continue the Program without much difficulty.

I take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Professor Torsten Fransson (Head/Division of Heat and Power Technology, former Head of the Department of Energy Technology, KTH, and the pioneer of the SEE World M Sc Program), Professor Andrew Martin (Director of SEE World M Sc Program, KTH), Ms. Chamindie Senarathne (Deputy Program Director of SEE World M Sc Program, KTH) and all KTH staff members for their fullest support that contributed to make this Program a success in Sri Lanka.

The staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and other staff of the OUSL who continually support in various ways for smooth functioning of the facilitation work by the OUSL are very much appreciated.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish SEE World M Sc graduates and present students very best and fruitful career in serving the nation.  Further, I urge all of you to maintain strong links with each other and work together for future developments in your specialty area.

Ruchira Abeyweera
Program Coordinator – SEE World M Sc Program at OUSL 
The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL),
Nawala, Nugegoda,
Sri Lanka.

20th of August 2016