Eng. Thanushka Peiris

As a mechanical engineer in the biggest power generating utility in Sri Lanka – Lakvijaya Power Station, I have tremendous opportunity to serve my country and my nation with a pride. During my tenure, I have to engage numerous activities related to thermal power generation and I have great chance to obtain practical exposure of the power generation. However I felt, I need to get deep exposure of the power sector. At that moment, I had only little exposure from my bachelor studies. Mean time I was selected to the Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide (SEEW) master degree program conducted by Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden and University of Gavle (HIG), Sweden.

During the studies I had to cover wide area of syllabus directly related to my career. As a result of that, I chose sustainable power generation as my specialized field for my MSc. The important thing is, this program gave me high flexibility to learn with my busy schedule in my job. Also my work place is located away from Colombo. If I had to participate to traditional program, I could not continue due to this barrier. But nature of this program as distance learning, it saved me from those obstacles and finally I could completed my studies successfully.

During this program, I had great chance to improve my working capacity, critical thinking and ability to provide creative solutions for real world problems not only limited up to energy topics. The important thing is I obtained hands-on-experience of conducting engineering researches and research writing with academic supervisors with international exposure. Also this program created a platform for students to share their experiences and knowledge without any limit.

Finally I would like to thank for KTH and HIG to offer this great program for Sri Lankan students. Also I appreciate all of my teachers at KTH and Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) for their dedication and support us throughout the program period.

I wish them all to continue this program in future also.

Eng. Thanushka Peiris
B.Sc. Eng. (Hons), C.Eng (SL). MIE (SL), C.Eng (UK). MImechE
Mechanical Engineer
Lakvijaya Power Station
Ceylon Electricity Board

Eng. Kithsiri Gamage

I had primarily dealt with several industry like water treatment & supply, petroleum and cement manufacturing and identified that how energy industry is growing rapidly with development of economy. So I felt it was important to further study related to energy field. Meanwhile I got know about this programme through Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) which was facilitating institute.

MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide program provides a mix of courses covering Power generation, Energy utilization, Modelling of energy systems, Energy management, Energy Policy and research based activities which are relevant to energy industry. Instructors range from university professors and lectures from Royal Institute of Technology Sweden, experts from world leading industry and local supervisors in OUSL have offered excellent contributions to success this online based programme in Sri Lanka. This programme was full time tough and consisting of 120 ECTS credits. Distance laboratory, logging into live class room and online assignment facilities brought us into real university environment. Subjects and contents were very modern and, latest technologies and applications were delivered emphasis is placed on real world, hands on experience, not standalone theory.

During the second year of programme, I could join with Ceylon Electricity Board as a project engineer. During the installation and commissioning of new power plant, I could apply the knowledge gain through studies and it was very helpful to execute the works. Now I’m working as maintenance engineer and always facing challenges to provide un-interrupted power. I can always apply knowledge gain through my MSc to overcome such a challenges in sustainable path.

Further I could build very good relationship with my colleagues who are working in leading organizations in the country.

Finally, I would thank to people who were behind this world reputed programme offer in to Sri Lankans, programme facilitators, coordinators, facilitating institute and group members who helped me to success the event.


Eng. U.G.Kithsiri,
B.Sc. Eng. (Hons), M.Sc. (Sweden), C.Eng. MIE (SL)
Mechanical Engineer
Kelaninitissa Combined Cycle Power Station,
Ceylon Electricity Board

Dr. (Mrs.) Duleeka Gunarathne

Graduated as a Chemical & Process Engineer from University of Moratuwa with specialization in Energy Engineering, and being a Research Engineer in the Department of Renewable Energy in National Engineering Research & Development Centre (NERDC), I became very much interested in the Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide (SEEW) Maters program offered by KTH in distance mode with the coordination of OUSL. I selected my specialization area as Sustainable Power Generation, which is mostly focused on power generation from renewable sources like biomass, hydro, wind etc. The world class knowledge and insight gained through the program helped my work as the Project Engineer for several projects related to biological, chemical and thermal conversion technologies; biogas, biodiesel, biomass gasification and waste management at NERDC.

The SEEW program helped me to realize even higher goals than I could ever have imagined for myself. At the very beginning of my enrollment in the SEEW program, I set my mind to extend my studies even further towards a PhD. As such, SEEW program was a huge turning point in my life. The fascinating study methods and techniques offered by KTH forced myself to apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a PhD at KTH. I believe that my past track record as a SEEW student has positively influenced on the success of my application. Further, with the experience gained through working on the thesis project on biomass gasification, I laid the foundation for the PhD on the same spectra. The fundamental know how I got through my masters was a key player throughout the process of my PhD research.

I’m happy about where I am thanks to SEEW program and I wish all the success for the forthcoming remote MSc program ‘SELECT’.

Duleeka Gunarathne
Senior Lecturer Grade II (Contract)
Department of Chemical & Process Engineering
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Eng. (Mrs.) Tharanga Wickramarathna

Been attached to the Sri Lanka Utility, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) as a Transmission Planning Engineer (2004-2009), I was engaging providing sustainable network solution for the country’s need. Further I was engaged in research on finding sustainable power generation options which suit for the country.  Mean time I was selected to the Sustainable Energy Engineering Worldwide (SEEW) Mater degree program conducted by KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and it helped me to have a better understanding of the sustainable power generation. The knowledge gain thru the program was backed me to do the transmission & generation planning exercises with better understanding. Further it opened a great opportunity for me to have the world best experts’ knowhow on the world best practices in system planning, their knowledge & experience. As a result my vision of having sustainable power options to Sri Lanka system was enhanced more and more.  The knowledge & experience gained from the SEEW Mater degree was helped greatly in all other research which I have done so far. Further it influence me to find sustainable solutions for the problems raised in my current working place-Broadlands Hydropower Project in CEB.

Though it is based on the concept of distant learning, I never felt any difference with the aspect of gaining knowledge & experience compared to my other degree programs. As a working mother, the SEEW program made me to manage my work better with all my responsibilities on work and home.

After some years of the program, I am in the process of sharing the knowledge & experience which I gained from the SEEW M.Sc program to the society in several working streams such as in my carrier as an engineer to Sri Lanka utility, as a member of various professional societies related to energy management and engineering, working on publications and social Medias and etc

Finally I would like to thank the personnel who worked hard to make the program a success and who facilitate this kind of program for the Sri Lankan students and would like to bless them to work to be continued in future as well.

Eng. Tharanga Wickramarathna (Ms.)
B.Sc. Eng. (Hons), M.Sc. (UOM), M.Sc. (Sweden), C.Eng. MIE (SL), MSLEMA
Project Engineer (P&M)
Broadlands Hydropower Project
Ceylon Electricity Board

Dr. Chaminda Ranaweera

I enrolled to the SEEW master program as a remote based student in 2010 through the OUSL. I
think that was the turning point of my graduate studies. I completed my studies exactly in two
years. I received a full scholarship to visit KTH and complete my final thesis studies as an on-
campus student at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. Visiting KTH, studying at such a wonderful world
class university was a great opportunity to me.
I was searching for opportunities for doctoral studies after the completion of my MSc studies.
Truly saying, I received positive responses from each and every university I applied. Anyway, I
selected the EFZN – Energy Research Center of Lower Saxony – Germany as my research center
for doctoral studies. It was one of the leading institutes for energy studies in Germany which
formed with five technical universities at North Germany.
I was the one and the only student who got opportunity to follow doctoral studies in that institute
so far from Sri Lanka. I firmly believe that it is due to my MSc qualification in SEE. I could obtain
the qualification of Doctor of Engineering and the title of (Dr.-Ing.) within three years of my
doctoral studies. Generally, doctoral students had to take subjects in MSc courses, but at the
enrolment, after evaluating my master qualification, I didn’t have to take any coursework subject
for my doctoral studies. That is the significance of this master program in SEE.
I did my doctorate on the field of the integration of solar and wind based distributed generations
to the power system. Now, I am working as an Electrical Engineer, at National System Control
Center, Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka. I am working on special project of integrating
embedded generation (solar and wind) to national grid which is highly related to my MSc and
doctoral studies.

Dr. Chaminda Ranaweera
(DSEE – 2010 Batch)
Electrical Engineer – Ceylon Electricity Board

Eng. Janaka Rathnakumara

As an MSc student of Sustainable Energy Engineering at the KTH University, I am well-equipped to develop energy management and conservation practices at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd in Sri Lanka. I started my career as a mechanical engineer at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd in 2005 and assumed duties in mechanical maintenance department where I implemented productivity development techniques and maintenance management systems. As a result of the new techniques, the down time of the printing operation was considerably reduced and the total waste copy generation was reduced. In 2007, I got an opportunity to join Wijeya Newspapers Ltd’s state of the art factory designing project as a project engineer. In the same period, I was selected to pursue the master’s programme in SEEW at KTH University. As a professional who was eager to apply new energy management, conservation and improvement systems and technologies, the knowledge that I had been gaining from my MSc studies in SEEW was immensely helpful and I was able to initiate and implement some fruitful projects in the newly constructed factory. By implementing energy saving projects, I could improve the efficiency and productivity of the work place. Furthermore, I designed the factory in a sustainable way using maximum natural resources such as daylight for the entire factory operation about 12 hours a day, natural and passive ventilation systems to improve the efficiency of employees and sound proof technology in the building which was selected for the national award competition and won LKR 5 million grant for environmental friendly factory award from the Government of Netherlands in 2009.

With my continuous dedication, leadership and application of the best practices in the plant, I moved up the corporate ladder being promoted to the post of Plant Engineer at the newly constructed factory and the Assistant General Manager in 2010 and the Chief Operations Officer in 2014.

Wijeya Newspapers Ltd has received many national and international awards and certifications for the factory operations such as National Energy Efficiency Award, National Green Award, National Cleaner Production Award, and National Productivity Award during last eight years in recognition of our efforts in energy and environment management. ISO 50001-2011 (Energy Management System) Certification and ISO 14001-2004 (Environmental Management System) Certification have also been awarded for energy efficiency and environmental friendly business practices at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.

As a result of my efforts in boosting interest on energy management and renewable energy technologies in the top management of the company, I started the research feasibility on electricity generation from Dendro power for industrial printing press machine at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd.

While working in the Wijeya Newspapers Ltd, I extend my services as a professional in the field of Quality Management, Energy Management and Environmental Management Systems. I serve as a lead auditor for ISO 9001-2008, Consultant for ISO 14001-2004, ISO 50001-2011, and auditor for Energy Management, Cleaner Production Practice and Productivity Development. I have conducted presentations and speeches in national and international symposia and conferences on energy improvement and management, sustainable practices and productivity enhancement. In universities, schools and other institutions, I have been sharing the knowledge and experience that I have received from SEEW. I believe the backbone of a successful career is a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and the field and my MSc studies at KTH have contributed to make me an accomplished professional.

Eng.Janaka Rathnakumara
Chief Operations Officer/AGM,
Wijeya Newspapers Ltd,
No.08, Hunupitiya Cross Road,
Sri Lanka.

Eng. (Mrs.) Kumudu Amarawardhana

In 2010, after sixteen years of service as an Engineer in the Sri Lanka Air Force in aeronautical and mechanical Engineering spheres, I was thinking of switching my career into academia and a way of bridging these two careers was a need then. ‘Energy systems’ as an Engineering discipline has fascinated me right from my undergraduate days and I knew that would be my destination. Owing to the thirst of knowledge and interest for Energy systems I opted to read my MSc studies specializing in the Sustainable Energy Utilization stream under SEEW program at the University of Gavle, Sweden (which was conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) because the core of the curriculum was focused on finding sustainable energy solutions to the current global issues such as climate change and energy security.

Each component of the SEEW MSc program provided me an in-depth, clear and crisp knowledge on the subject scope. Furthermore, I became quite familiar with various analytical techniques and procedures, specially to determine the behaviour of thermodynamic models through computer based analysis and modeling them by using different software tools.

The post graduate exposure has not only provided me a solid and firm foundation in understanding the concepts in the field of Energy Engineering but also molded me to carry forward the invaluable skills to manage and collaborate with people through different projects that I carried as a part of the course.

I have hardly felt that I was following MSc as a distance based student because of availability of online literature, virtual lectures through live streaming facility and the tremendous support extended by the local facilitator, OUSL. Working on computer software platforms such as Compedu, bilda and centra were invaluable for me to reach enough and more course materials.

Profound reputation of high quality work environment, standards, international recognition and extremely distinguished team members, were experienced throughout my MSc study experience. Furthermore, the same was highly valued by KDU (General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University) during my professional enlistment procedures. I always benchmark my MSc experience to guide my undergraduate students in KDU to inspire them.

Whilst being humbly proud to be a product of SEEW program, with great pleasure, I would wish all the success for the future students of the SELECT program.

Eng. (Ms) Kumudu Amarawardhana
AMIE (Sri Lanka) BSc (Eng)(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering (Peradeniya), MSc (Eng) in Sustainable Energy systems (Gavle,Sweden)
Squadron Leader (Retd)- Sri Lanka Air Force
Senior Lecturer Grade II
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
General Sir John Kothelawala Defence University
Sri Lanka.