Asela Pathirathna

Name with Initials:
K. A. B. Pathirathna
Year of Admission to the Program:
Research Publications:
[1] Development of Darrieus-Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Stand-Alone Applications by Samaraweera K.K.M.N.P., Pathirathna K.A.B., De Silva H.E.D, Sugathapala A.G.T, International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment,2010.
[2] Evaluation of Effects of Design Parameters for the Performance of Fixed Bladed Small Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbines by K.A.B.Pathirathna, H.E.D.DeSilva, K.K.M.N.P.Samaraweera and A.G.T.Sugathapala, Engineering Research Unit: 15th Annual Symposium, 2009.