Chaminda Ranaweera

Name with Initials:
C. Ranaweera
Year of Admission to the Program:
Topic of the Dissertation:

Electric Power System of an Emergency Energy Module

Research Publications:
[1] Chaminda Ranaweera, Anders Malmquist, ‘Electric Power System of a Renewable Energy Module’ Conference of Electric Power Supply Industry – CEPSI 2014, International Convention Center (ICC) JEJU, South Korea.
[2] Chaminda Ranaweera,‘Stand-Alone Energy System for Supply of Energy and Water for a Refugee Camp’ Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association Journal – March 2014. (Reference: Page 05,
[3] ‘Electric Power System of an Emergency Energy Module’, M.Sc final thesis report published at DiVA portal. ( Reference :
[4] K Pirabaharan, Chaminda Ranaweera, Kumara H. K. S, Kumarathilaka R. S. D,‘Design and Implementation of Smart Antenna for 4G Applications’ Presented at IET Annual Conference 2008.
[5] Chaminda Ranaweera, ‘Detecting System for Kilowatt-Hour Electricity Meters’ Presented at Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka, 2007