Lalith Indunil

Name with Initials:
A. R. L. W. Indunil
Year of Admission to the Program:
Topic of the Dissertation:

Evaluation of Roof Insulations for the Air Conditioning Load in Industrial Buildings in Sri Lanka

Abstract of the Dissertation:

Sri Lanka is a tropical country. Therefore air conditioners are required to operate throughout the year to get thermal comfort inside buildings and then electricity cost for the air conditioning of buildings is one of the major shares in the electricity bill. The heat from sun is transferred to the building by the means of radiation, conduction and convection. In the tropical climate, most of the time roof is exposed to direct sun light. Therefore the heat gain through the roof is a major component when considering the total heat gain inside the buildings. It is important to reduce heat transfer by the roof of the buildings so that roof insulations are significant. Presently, at the construction stage of buildings cost factor is only considering aspect to select roof insulations in Sri Lanka. This study is intends to analyze and compare insulation effect of foil laminated expanded Poly Ethylene Sheet and foil laminated Air Bubble sheets, which are commonly used in Sri Lanka. The main objective of this project work is to, selection of optimal cost effective insulation materials for Sri Lankan environment by considering air conditioning load to sustain thermal comfort inside buildings. An empirical model is developed in this study by using temperature measurements of models of selected buildings. This model can be used to analyze thermal flow of industrial buildings.