Pradeep Kumar

Name with Initials:
W. M. P. Kumar
Year of Admission to the Program:
Topic of the Dissertation:

Optimization of performance and assessment of the material cost of the refrigerator condenser

Abstract of the Dissertation:

The condenser of the domestic refrigerator model NST200, manufactured by Regnis Lanka Plc was modified by adopting proper design procedures. The modified condenser was tested and compared with the present condenser to assess the improvements in the total heat transfer through the condenser, mass flux of the condenser and the cost of materials. In the study, the mathematical model developed by Tagliafico and Tanda (1997) together with work of Bansal and Chin (2003) were used. Different values for copper tube pitch, number of copper tubes,
and the number steel wires were used to arrive at the optimum combination of these variables. The selection of the optimum combination was done based on total heat transfer, mass flux and the material cost. The modified condenser showed a significant improvement (32.9%) in heat transfer, and reduction in material cost (19%). The evaporator capacity increased by 24% whereas COP increased by 17%.