Free Webinar: Turbocharge Rotating Machinery Efficiency with Simulation

Time: Oct. 18th, 2016 11:00 AM EST

Resource Persons:

Brad Hutchinson – Global Director, Industry Marketing, Industrial Equipment & Rotating Machinery, ANSYS

Alessandro Arcidiacono – CFD Project Engineer, ENGINSOFT

Moderator: David Walsh – Editor-in-Chief,

Rotating machinery users demand increased efficiency, reliability and durability while expecting compliance with regulatory mandates to reduce emissions and noise. Simulation pinpoints solutions and guides trade-offs early in the design process before significant investments have been made. By reducing the need for expensive prototypes and test rigs, simulation delivers better performance at lower cost.

This Webinar will provide insight on:
– Understanding the concept of a virtual prototype and how it reduces development costs while optimizing product performance
– Identifying seven essential features that must be included in a simulation in order to maximize the performance and efficiency
– Learning how ZECO Hydropower used ANSYS simulation tools coupled with high performance computing to develop a new and optimal intake for a Kaplan turbine in half of the usual time. They were able to reduce civil engineering infrastructure costs to ensure they would be competitive in emerging markets.
– Walking through ZECO’s simulation process and results including CFD turbomachinery simulation, parallel computing, parametric modeling, and optimization tools.

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